About us – Treuenfels Projects

Every project has its challenges; be a part of the solution and contribute to its success!

You are seeking career opportunities.
Here they are.

Treuenfels Projects boosts careers in finance and controlling. For more than seven years, our employees have been supporting clients, solving their challenges. Our employees gain experience in client projects which contributes to their own expertise and increases their market value. Our reputation allows us to make referrals to renown clients in almost every industry. We work on the frontline of digitization and process optimization in the financial sector. You are looking for an exponential learning curve? Dynamic project work with a high impetus will pave your way for the future. In short: Our job is to give your career the boost you want.

Reach the next level.
With us.

We make versatile project assignments possible. This kind of flexibility and variety is hard to come by in classic operations work. We support and actively coach you at all times. We identify your strengths and weaknesses relevant for your development. You benefit from individual training programs, collegial exchange and appreciative 360-degree feedback rounds. Together, we develop your career plan. Self-responsibility and self-determination are key: You make the final call on which project you want to work on – no ifs, ands or buts. We help you reach the goals that serve your career.

Our client projects fuel your career.
You chose the destination.

Leading businesses have been relying on our expertise for years: Vodafone, E.ON, DKV, Symrise, 1&1, ERGO, Metro and many more employ our Project Professionals to ensure their success. Our expertise includes implementing ERP and BI systems, optimizing and digitizing processes and identifying areas of improvement. The variety of projects holds huge potential for your career development. You will gain experience and grow your network. After a couple of years, you will have significantly increased your market value.

Each project brings significant growth to our Project Professionals and their career development – we are the key to your success!

The 7 values shaping our work.

It is our job to acquire projects and yours to gain experience, discover new industries and succeed in achieving a work-life balance. The aim is to develop and to maximize your personal and professional potential.
For us, responsibility goes both ways: You determine the extent of your development by choosing projects and training opportunities as well as engaging in our growth. We provide the ideal conditions.
We make your next career step possible. How does the next step look like for you? That is entirely your choice. We will pave the way together with you, showing you possibilities that will take you one, two or even three steps closer to your goals.
You are motivated and capable of boosting your career. We are motivated and able to make it happen for you! We support you in reaching your goals.
As a family-run company, family values are at the heart of what we do. We work together as a team, stand up for each other and are always ready to lend an ear. Team spirit and regular exchange guarantee a friendly and trusting atmosphere.
The way we work is open, transparent and easy to understand: You benefit from straightforward communication, 360-degree feedback and the possibility to influence our corporate development.
Your career aspirations and development opportunities are extremely important – you should put them in the right hands. Mutual appreciation and a constructive learning culture ensure excellent results. This makes for a highly productive atmosphere in which you can realize your full potential.

We look forward to getting to know you.